Current & Upcoming

  • Xtrotecture

    an installation by Joshua Johnson, presented as part of the Workspace 2016 series, featuring the work of LES Studio Program artists-in-residence

    Opening: Friday, November 4, 6-8p
    Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 12-6pm

    Cuchifritos Gallery
    120 Essex Street (located inside Essex Street Market)
    New York, NY 10002
    November 04 — December 04, 2016


  • Interview with Peter Fend

    Interview with artist Peter Fend, regarding his work with Ocean Earth, mega-structure proposals, satellite imaging, and more. Broadcast live and presented in the gallery as a part of Xtrotecture.

    Cuchifritos Gallery
    120 Essex Street (located inside Essex Street Market)
    New York, NY 10002
    November 06, 2016, 11:30AM
  • Images, Information, and Meaning

    with speakers Claire Lehmann, Peter Wolfendale, and Pieter Schoolwerth. Organized and moderated by Joshua Johnson. In collaboration with Miguel Abreu Gallery and Office for Applied Complexity.

    Miguel Abreu Gallery
    36 Orchard Street
    New York, NY 10002
    July 26, 2016, 7-9:00PM
  • #AGI: Accelerate General Intellect

    I will be speaking on July 19th at 2:00PM at Pratt Institute.

    The New Centre for Research & Practice
    July 18/19: Pratt Institute, Manhattan Campus (144 West 14th Street)
    July 20th: Future of Mind Symposium (
    July 21st: The New School (University Center, 63 5th Avenue)
    July 22nd: Private Event
    July 18 — July 22, 2016



  • Xtrotecture

    Xtrotecture is project which examines the simultaneous local and global presence of Lower Manhattan in an age of late-capitalism, technological acceleration, and the Anthropocene. How do we envisage the city now, and what potential strategies are available for confronting these contemporary aporias?

  • Office for Applied Complexity

    OfAC is a online platform created by Diann Bauer, Victoria Ivanova, Joshua Johnson, Suhail Malik, Keith Tilford, and Natalia Zuluaga which organizes and communicates the latest scientific and philosophical discussion through creative strategies.

  • Uberty

    Uberty is a resource and research hub indexing documents and media related to New Rationalism, Accelerationism, and other developing theory and practices.

  • Fixing the Future

    Taking up strategies in economics, theory, philosophy, and art, Fixing the Future looks to provide useful alternatives for thinking the future again, and to do so as an imperative. Collaboration with Diann Bauer, Suhail Malik, Keith Tilford, and Mohammad Salemy.

  • Dark Trajectories: Politics of the Outside

    Published by [NAME] in 2013, Dark Trajectories is a volume of philosophy with contributions by Levi Bryant, Gean Moreno, Reza Negarestani, Benjamin Noys, Nick Srnicek, Christian Thorne, Alex Williams, and Ben Woodard.